Fancy Friday

There is nothing like falling in love with a dress you can never ownImage


Facts and Fro-Yo

So I have been realizing that my first year of college is coming to an end and quickly, but it’s odd what things make this inevitable fact seem more real. It’s not the fact that my last day of classes is tomorrow, hell every Friday has the same gratifying feeling of being done. It’s not everyone talking about finals or even beginning to study for finals, again I study all the time so this doesn’t really make anything feel anymore real. Packing up my going out clothes and shoes I think was one of the hardest hits. This act signifies the fact that the rest of my time here is going to be done in comfy sweats in the library. I am done with dressing up with all the girls on the floor, having them ask to borrow shoes and I asking them to do my hair. These things are all done.

The second thing that has really sent home that I am almost done with my 1st year of college happened just tonight. I have a tradition of every couple of weeks going on a date with one of my best guy friends from high school. We try to change up our date destination, we always go dutch and we always sit down and spill about everything that has happened since we last sat down. This usually includes talking about our hometown friends, our weekend escapades, my annoyances with work and school, and everything in-between. Tonight we realized how it was going to be our last date of the year, so this obviously meant a celebratory Fro-Yo run. Sitting there with him talking about our year and the bittersweetness of the end really drove home that I am almost a quarter done with college. Where does time go?

a letter to myself

a letter to myself

Attached is a letter I have recently written to myself for my english class.  I think in it has good advice for anyone entering college, or even just a new phase in their life.  This is a letter to myself so ignore the names and maybe inside jokes (yes they are with myself) and for anyone who is starting college in a few short months, I hope you get something out of this.

First piece of (shoe) advice

First piece of (shoe) advice

So as seeing that my blog is called “a beginner’s guide to shoes” I figured that I should incorporate some actual shoe advice into my rants/personal epiphanies/life lessons.  So my first piece of advice is this… Every woman needs a pair of black heels in their wardrobe.  A simple black pump is the shoe version of LBD.  They can sex up a pair of skinny jeans, as well be worn with a mini skirt or sexy dress.  Pick out a pair that you can actually dance the night away in, sexy shoes are only sexy for as long as you can wear them!

Paying for nothing

I have realized that while I am willing to pay $100 easily on a pair of shoes (now I’m aware that that is a large amount of money to be willing to dish out) I am not willing to pay $70 on a pair of half shorts.  You girls all know what I’m talking about, the cute distressed ones from Urban.  I am equally not willing to pay $50 on a crop top that I would not be comfortable to wear in front of my grandma.  Don’t get me wrong, I think both the shorts and crop top are adorable, and great going out wear but for some reason I can not bring myself to pay for it.  Give me a pair of 5″ heels that I only have 2 outfits I can wear them with for $120, in my closet they must go!!